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Sweet and Low Yoni Wash( Extra Clean and Fresh)

Sweet and Low Yoni Wash( Extra Clean and Fresh)

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8 fl oz 

This luxurious yoni wash is perfect for cleansing your sacred area.  This design was specifically formulated with your yoni in mind. This wasb consists of some of the finest ingredients curated to soothe, cleanse and maintain your yoni for the day or relax you before bed. It works hard to combat various issues that can come on due to the constant changes going on in our bodies and lives. The wash works to give you a clean you can rely on. So relax and watch it work because you deserve to relax and restore yourself. Below lists some amazing benefits of this wash and the ingredients

Benefits include:

-Gently help keep your yoni fresh throughout the day.
-Removes Bad Odor
-Balances PH
-Soothes Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair, and itchiness
-Helps heal and prevent yeast infections and BV
-Relieves Dryness

Ingredients: Aloe Vera , Boric Acid, ACV ,Rosehip oil,  Avocado Oil,Jojoba Oil Coconut Oil, Goats Milk, & Olive Oil infused with Organic Rose Petals and Buds, Calendula, Red Raspberry, Mugwort, Rosemary, Peppermint, Chamomile, Lavender, Red clovers,SLS,Citric acid , Sodium Chloride, Tea Tree  Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil.

Mica Powder pigment is added for color, it's non - toxic and NOT absorbed by the skin

Always consult your health care professional if pregnant, breastfeeding, on medications or homeopathic remedies before using any essential oil products.


How to use: Made for daily use. Wash Labia with soap but do not apply it inside the vaginal canal.